Types of Antique Furniture

Buying antique furniture can be a great way to decorate your home with unique pieces. Antique furniture is typically collectible and desirable because of its age. However, it may also have unique features.

AntiquesArt and crafts furniture is a type of antique furniture popular for its simple, clean lines and natural motifs. The Arts and Crafts movement originated in England and Europe but also spread throughout the country. It was born out of a reaction against industrialization and mass mechanization. William Morris, John Ruskin, and Augustus Pugin were leading advocates for the movement. They sought to create a new aesthetic that emphasized craftsmanship and nature-inspired design. Many people today still consider the Arts and Crafts style to be beautiful. These pieces are not limited to large furniture and can be used to decorate every part of your home.

Ancient Greek antique furniture was known for its practicality, symmetry, and taste. These pieces were made from various materials and used for dining, sleeping, and more. They were decorated with many different ways, including webbing, upholstery, and cushions. The most popular material for ancient Greek furniture was wood. It was also popular to use leather, linen, or animal fur.

A chair with a curved back and elegant curves was the hallmark of classical Greek chairs. Cushions were usually made of down, dry grass, or wool. An important piece of ancient furniture was the Klismos. This was an armchair that is described in Homer’s Iliad. Although no examples of the original klismos have survived from ancient times, it was a form that was revived during the second archaeological phase of European neoclassicism in the 18th century.

Louis XIV antique furniture reflects the grandeur of the French monarch and is synonymous with classicism. It was created during the reign of Louis XIV (1643-1715) and was an official style of the time. The French king commissioned many pieces in this style to decorate his palace. Among the most notable sculptors of the time was Jacques Sarazin. He made a number of statues for Versailles, including the eastern facade of the Pavilion du Horloge. Another important figure in the history of Louis XIV antique furniture is Andre Charles Boulle. He was a master of marquetry. His work featured a fusion of metal and wood. Many of his pieces were inspired by ancient sculptures and Michelangelo’s sculptures.

Victorian antique furniture is a name given to a wide variety of pieces produced during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). These pieces are often highly decorative, featuring a variety of different styles and designs. The designs of Victorian antique furniture are usually richly carved, intricately turned, and feature many different features. They can be quite formal, and are usually darker in colour, although this is not always the case.

Some of the main features of Victorian furniture include multiple turnings, horseshoe-shaped seats, and curved arms. In addition, the material used for these pieces of furniture is often a dark-coloured wood, such as Mahogany, Oak, or Walnut.

Rococo Revival antique furniture is one of the most popular revival styles. It is characterized by lavishly carved ornament. This style was popular in the late 1800s throughout Europe. The Rococo Revival was inspired by the designs of Louis XV. This period saw a revival of the curved lines and asymmetrical shapes seen in eighteenth-century designs. Decorative elements such as shells, cherubs, fruit, and flowers were used in elaborate carvings.

Roco Revival furniture was commonly made of rosewood or walnut. In higher-end pieces, mahogany was the most common wood. These types of pieces are very popular in the southern States. Roco Revival furniture also featured asymmetrical shapes and curving forms. Many pieces had cabriole legs.

Vintage mid-century antique furniture is a hot trend in home decor these days. Often handcrafted, these pieces can bring the charm of the past to your home. Although the cost can vary depending on the item you choose, buying vintage can be a rewarding endeavor. However, it’s best to do your homework first. In the case of antiques, a piece might be worth hundreds of dollars, so make sure to check the finer points before committing to a purchase. Buying from a reputable dealer is a great way to ensure authenticity. It’s also a good idea to find a piece with a designer label. A good place to look is online marketplaces. eBay is a particularly good source. The site is known for its massive collection of second-hand gems.